Our project portfolio is diverse and we have completed more than hundreds different type of projects for many clients.

Our data entry and data conversion projects are guaranteed to 99.95% accuracy. We not only offer these services in a selected time manner but also complete with confidentiality and high data security.

Our web research and internet search services are most popular service offerings and we have an impressive record of time line, productive project completion with client satisfaction. Our clients find our research to be appropriate to their needs and they receive research and analysis to help them in making credible, productive business decisions.

Our services also include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning, as well as editing and indexing services. We provide support for Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), high speed image scanning and data capture, and scanning and OCR of hard copy books as well.

If your project or support needs reliable, back office and administrative domain expertise, we encourage you to explore the examples provided in the different categories of our project portfolio. These lists are by no means a complete representation of ourservices.

Please feel free to contact us for any of these or our other services including forms processing, and services targeted to vertical industries like the legal and mortgage and educational and political organizations.