With the kind of competition experienced in the business world today, no businessperson can afford to waste a single minute of his time. People are always working under very tight schedules trying to beat deadlines, meet new clients, booking appointments, take stocks and so on. Other tasks such as data entry are outsourced because it is easier that way than bogging your staff with enormous amount of data that will take them days to enter into your data system. At USA Data Entry, we provide the most reliable offline data entry services to clients in the US. Our offline data entry services include typing, data conversion, data processing, image conversion and processing, OMR among others.

We have vast knowledge in handling any kind of data entry project. Our offline data entry team has been in this industry the longest and has thus acquired enough experience to handle your project with care and attention. We take pride in being the most preferred offline data entry company in the USA. What’s more, our offline data entry programs support data entry in any kind of application or format. We are therefore ready to handle all types of data input sources such as hard copies, PDF files, and scanned images among others.

Our offline data entry services handle data input sources such as books, magazines, vouchers, index cards, catalog data, hospital records, insurance claims, invoice data and more. With us, you can rest assured that your data entry project is in the right hands.

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